Instructions for Reviewers/Editors

The role of reviewers are crucial for maintaining the quality of research publications.We are inviting reviewers to join our journals.Your efforts will be appreciated through certificates and awards. After receiving high quality and original research paper, editorial office will check the formatting of the research paper.After that, that paper will be forwarded to Editor/Chief-Editor.The Editor may take decision on manuscript such as accept,accept with revision, reject or sent for review.The Editor will forward the manuscript for two reviewers to review the manuscript.After taking reviewer comments, editor will make a final decision. If there is contradiction between two reviewers comments, editor may take opinion of third reviewer.Based on reviewers remarks, editor will ask authors to revise the manuscript.In case of rejection, author may submit manuscript again as a new submission by explaining the remarks of each reviewers and substantial improvement in the quality of the manuscript.The revise manuscript will be sent to reviewers again to take the final opinion on the manuscript.

Manuscript Quality Assessment

The purpose of review is to help the editor to take final decision on the quality of the manuscript.Reviewers should write the remarks based on language of the manuscript, presentation of the manuscript, overall results and discussions on the manuscript, experimental procedure, appropriate reviews about research, originality and quality of the research work.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

Do not disclose your name as reviewer to authors as well as other reviewer through out review process.In case, you want to contact the authors,this should be done via editor.The scientific contents of the manuscript are confidential and should not be shared or cited by the reviewers before publication.