Science and Engineering Applications

☑ Peer review policy and guidelines

Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) is committed to publish good quality research work and we also understand the nature and purpose of conference proceedings within scientific community.We are encouraging the editors to select only those papers which has some good ideas and work for the benifit of scientific community. To achieve this objective, the proceedings editors must commit to undertake an appropriate peer-review process.The reviewers can be selected by conference editors but,all reviewers must be highly qualified in that field.The number of reviewers will depend on editors of the conference.We expect that all reviewer must follow an ethical review process.The qulality in published proceedings can be achieved by following proper review process and this will also provide the recognition of the editors’ work.The quality proceedings will have good citations.


The proceedings papers cover wider range o articles as compared with journals regular articles. In addition to original research articles,review papers, summaries of good work and introduction to some good field can be considered for publication. Although Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) is publishing conference proceedings which include a broader range, poor quality of work should not be considered for publication.

We direct all editors and reviewers to check following minimum criteria for selecting a paper:

Positive contribution of research article for scientific community

  • ☑ Research gap in any research field and explanations of familiar topics
  • ☑ Simpler discussion on complex phenomenon
  • ☑ Review articles
  • ☑ Important information about any scientific project
  • ☑ Must contain an idea or information
  • ☑ Have some merit
  • ☑ Must be original (previously unpublished and solely the work of the author)
  • ☑ The paper must contain detailed abstract , introduction, objective of research work, discussion and conclusion
  • ☑ Have a proper title
  • ☑ Have clear and understandable language
  • ☑ poorly written and papers having piracy greater than 25% must be returned to the author for re-writing and corrections..


Please consider following points while citing any research paper.

  • ☑ Check the appropriateness of the research paper with the content.
  • ☑ Use some recent citations
  • ☑ check the citation of that paper
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