Instructions for Authors

The authors should follow the instructions for faster publicatiion in the journal.The manuscripts which are not written properly will be rejected without peer review process.The main focus of the journal is the fundamental as well as applied research in science and technology having outstanding scientific significance.Authors should use online system to submit their manuscript. The author should organize his/her original manuscript according to following structure:

  • Title
  • Authors' Names
  • Authors' Affiliations
  • Abstract
  • Keyword
  • Introduction
  • Experimental Method
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Supporting Information
The title of the manuscript should be such that the readers can easily guess the importance of research work.An effective title should be clear and concise.The title should contain important words related to your research focus area.An effective title will attract readers to read the research paper and ultimately cite your research work.
Authors' Names:
The corresponding author must provide all contributing authors' first name, middlename and last name.
Authors' Affiliations:
Authors' affiliations must be provided in the following format: department, organization, city/town, postal code, country
For more than one author, please follow following format

Roman number must be used before the affilation of all the authors. The corresponding author must be designated with an asterisk sign.Mention the full name and email address of the corresponding author properly.

An abstract is a summary of your research paper (250-350 words) and is often used by readers to quickly identify the purpose or findings of research paper.The scientific abstract should contain: research focus, research methodology,the results/ important findings of the research, and main conclusions.Please avoid using citations and references.You should organize the contents of abstract in such a way that it should encourage the readers to read full paper.
Effective keywords (5 separated by semicolons) which represent your research work and research focus area must be chosen carefully.These keywords are used by indexers and search engines.
The introduction of the research paper should be written in a simple language so that a reader from other research area can also understand your research paper.You may divide the introduction in different sections:
  • first section should be based on applications of your research work
  • second section should be based on structure or background of the research work
  • Third section should be based on the research work done in this area
  • Fourth section should be based on research methods used and available
  • Fifth section should be the research gaps which are going to be addressed by this research work
Experimental Method:
Describe the new method in detail and existing method in brief with citation.Description must be written properly so that other research can reproduce your research work.The purpose of this section is to tell the readers about how you performed your research work.You can use subheadings in this section such as Synthesis method, characterization tools wtc.
Results and Discussion:
This section should contain detail of experimental results and discussions.The author should try to relate results with existing research work.Use subheadings to write results and discussions for more clarity.Author should not reiterate those informations which are clearly visible via figures and tables. Instead, focus on some important data of the table and figures.It is simpler to read data in a table than in the text.
In conclusion, author should focus on major outcomes and future scope of the research work.
This section should be used to mention the contribution by other research organizations, institutes, university or researchers which are not present in the author section.
Author should list all relevent references in this section with arabic serial number.Mention the references in square bracket in the order in which they are appearing in the text. Use commas to separate reference such as [3,5,8].For sequential references, use hyphen between first and last refrence such as [5-9]. References must be mentioned before the end of punctuation.Adopt following format to write references:
  • Eldreangky Reynardta and Hartanto Budiyuwono Science and engineering Applications 2017, 2, 193–198. doi:10.26705/SAEA.2017.2.15.193-198 (Research paper in journal)
  • First author, second author and third author Journal Name , Year, volume (issue), page range.doi (issue based journal)
  • First author, second author and third author Journal Name , Year, volume, No. (article number based journal)
  • First author, second author and third author Journal Name in press.(In press research paper)
  • First author, second author and third author Title of the patent. Patent agency and number, Month, Year.(Patent)
  • First author, second author and third author Title of the book; Publisher, Year. (book)
Supporting Information:
Authors are encouraged to share additional resouces to explain their research paper.Please mention the section of the research paper for which you are providing supporting information.Give a brief discription of the supporting information.

Tables and Figures

Place tables and figures after the paragrapgh where they are first used.Your table data and figure play important role to understand the research work.So, they must be displayed properly and cited in the text such as (Table 1, Table 2 etc) and (Figure 1, Figure 2 etc.).The images provided in the research paper must be of high quality (minimum of 300 dpi for colored graphic and 600 dpi for black and white graphic).


Arabic numbers should be used in parentheses on the right side, i.e. (1), (2), etc to number equations. Use microsoft equation editor to write the equation.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical abstract is optional for the author but an attrative graphical abstract attract readers to read the research papers.We are motivating authors to submit high quality graphical abstract (15 by 6 cm).Do not dublicate the image for the graphical abstract.It should be different from your cited figures.

Cover Letter

Authors are encouraged to write cover letter to editor heighlighting the importance of the research work. Author should clearly emphasize the novelty in the research paper using bullet points.

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