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☑ About SAEA Conference Proceedings

We are one of the emerging and leading scientific publisher.Due to heavy demand from authors from all over the world, we have started SAEA Conference proceeding publication in the journal.The beautiful point is that your research will be open access all the time and anybody can access world wide without any charge. If you are thinking of planning small meetings/seminars/specialist workshop/ organizing international conference/national conference, email us at organizers want to publish with Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) because we are leading world class publisher among well known establised publisher such as elsevier, IOP, AIP etc. .

How can I get a quote for my conference proceedings?

  • ☑ Please download and complete a Proceedings Questionnaire.
  • ☑ Please send the completed questionnaire by email to
  • ☑ We will check the details and reply to you.
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