Science and Engineering Applications

☑ Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Authors are requested to follow the following steps to prepare manuscript:

☑ Download your template (for Word or LaTeX).

☑ Preapare your paper as per instructions available in template

Authors are also requested to send the following items to your conference organizer:

  • ☑ word/tex files of your paper
  • ☑ Signed copyright form
  • ☑ Pemission letter to re-use copyrighted materials in your article if it applies
Important points while preparing your manuscript
Authosr are advised to prepare the manuscript as per guidelines and template.This will help editors to process your article raplidly.When preparing manuscript for SAEA Conference Proceedings, please take care about these points:
  • ☑ Do not give the page numbers or headers/footers.The editorial office will decide this later on.
  • ☑ Do not change the margins of the templates.
  • ☑ Use only clear, readable graphics and diagrams.
  • ☑ Use copyrighted material with permission.
  • ☑ Manuscripts less that than 1 page will be rejected.

☑ Re-use policy for proceedings articles

According to our understanding, generally,conference proceedings are the part of author's ongoing idea/work and will be published by authors later on as a full regular article in any international journal.

If any author is willing to honestly re-use material from his/her conferenece proceedings article, We will not object to author, provided that author follows the standards and ethics of professional scientific publishing. We expect that the article publised in any journal must have substantial amount of new or previously unpublished results.

Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) will not consider any article that is nearly identical to author's published manuscript in SAEA Conference Proceedings or other proceedings.Such kind of dual publication, whether accidental or deliberate, can be damaging to authors’ publication record or history.

It is the responsibility of the individual journal to decide the presence of sufficient additional material to guarantee a new publication.It is author's responsibility to inform the journal editors and referees about their re-use of his/her SAEA Conference Proceedings manuscript by supplying them SAEA proceedings article.Please follow this step when you are submiting manuscrip first time to the journal.

Additionally, It is corresponding author's responsibility to inform other co-authors about the reuse of SAEA proceeding materials in any journal paper.

The SAEA conference proceedings article must be cited in such re-use case.The citation itself demonstrates the disclosure by the author.

☑ Templates download link

The attached(zip/word) file contain all informations such as SAEA Conference Proceedings templates,copyright transfer form ( can be downloaded from journal website).

Please use following templates for all SAEA Conference Proceedings

Microsoft Word

☑ LaTeX (zip file) (email us at to get this)

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