Article Submission

Submission Checklist

Before submitting your manuscript to the Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA), please make sure that you have prepared all the contents according to the Instructions for Authors. Please follow the guidelines while creating graphics containg figures.The submitting author must be one of the contributing author of the manuscript.Please include following files along with manuscript:
1. Cover Letter: In cover letter,corresponding author is requested to give reasons for suitablility of manuscript for publication in the Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) on the basis of high quality, originality, novelty and importance. This letter should also contain the title of the manuscript and the corresponding author’s details. 2. Main Manuscript: You are requested to submit manuscript either in MS Word of LaTeX.Please include all equations, figures, schemes and tables in the main manuscript.The latex users are also requeted to send pdf format of the manuscript along with .tex files. Please ensure high quality of graphic files in the manuscript.The acceptable format of the graphics are SVG, PNG, CDX, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, MML, EMF and WMF. 3.Graphical Abstract: The corresponding author is also requested to include graphical abstract in the separate page of the manuscript.You can also provide graphical abstract as a separate file along with manuscript 4.Supporting information: Supporting information files such as graphs, photos, animations, movie files, large tables, rotatable molecular models, characterization data, spectra, crystallographic data, ppt of the manuscript etc. may be included in a separate folder (folder name:supporting information) in the same zip/rar file containing manuscript. Please provide the short discription of supporing information in the main manuscript. 5.Review-Only Material: You may also include those informations which help for the review process.The name of the folder must be "Review-Only Material" and must be placed in the manuscript ZIP archive. Onle one file can be uploaded at a time. 6.Author Details: Please provide the complete informations of the authors such as name and affiliations including city/town and country, pin code etc. 7.Manuscript Details: You are requested to fill title, abstract and keywords of the manuscript in the submission form during submission.NOTE:The email in the submission form must be the registred email otherwise you can not upload your manuscript . 8.Referees:Minimum 2 referees contact information such full name, email address, organization, city/town, country is desired. The refrees must not be from your organization and must be expert to provide an objective assessment of the manuscript. 9.Please check carefully all the files and data you enter in the submission form of the SAEA Publishing System.Please make sure that ZIP/RAR archives are not encrypted or password protected.We will cntact you if there is any issue in your files.If you are facing prblem during submission, please contact the support team at 10. After receiving your manuscript, we will assign an editor.He/She will handle for your manuscript.You will get an email from the journal. 11.It is sole responsibility of the corresponding author to make sure that the manuscript has original research work and has not been plagiarized or copied from any source. There should not be any unlawful statements.Please ensure that all the references have been duly acknowledged at the appropriate places. 12. The corresponding author must make sure that the manuscript submitted in SAEA has not been publised previously or submitted elsewhere for publication. 13.We consider that you are authoring SAEA to edit, modify and make changes in the Manuscripts/Research paper to make it suitable for publication in Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA).

Important Facts

1.Open Access All articles published in the Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) are freely availabe and accessible to wordwide for everyone.There is no need for registration to download/view the research papers. 2.No Publication FeeWe are not charging tany fee for the publication of articles in the Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA). The journal is published and financed by the "Payam Publishing Pvt. Ltd." for the year 2016 (Promotional offer) and therefore We are not charging any author fees or other publication charges . 3.General Publication CriteriaThe main criteria for acceptance of an article for publication in the Journal of "Science and Engineering Applications" are high quality, originality, novelty and importance. 4.Peer ReviewAll articles published in the Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) are fully refereed prior to acceptance. Detailed guidelines about the review process is given in the Instructions for Referees. The chief editor or an editor will take a final decision on the manuscript based on the referees' recommendations 5.No Page Limit There is no page limit for articles in the Journal of Frontiers in Physical Sciences. Authors are requested to provide complete information to support the aim of study.Do not include irrelevent information in the manuscript. 6.Retain CopyrightAfer publishing research articles in Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA),authors retain copyright of their articles. The articles of the Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA) are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. 7.Detailed Experimental DataPlease provide complete descriptions of experimental data and procedures to publish in Science and Engineering Applications (SAEA).